Tackling Sexual Harassment

We share best practice guidelines empowering delegates with the knowledge, confidence and practical skills to effectively tackle coercive and discriminatory behaviour in the workplace.

Business Frameworks

Agile, Lean Scrum, Kanban, Kaizen, Six Sigma. There are so many approaches and systems to help businesses work better that it can seem confusing to know which method will be […]

Presenting Essentials

Learning how to eliminate the negative stress response when taking on a lead role in communicating to a wider audience is a fundamental skill that many people will benefit from. […]

Emotional Resilience and Communication

Delegates will explore their Frame of Reference and learn how this informs their beliefs, attitudes and resilience. By increasing awareness, delegates will gain a greater understanding of the behaviours that […]

Combatting Cyberbullying

Delegates will receive a comprehensive toolkit of key guidelines and best practice to know how to combat cyberbullying wherever it occurs. What does Digital Citizenship mean and what are its […]

OKR’s & CFR’s

What is the North Star in your business and have you created rallying points to empower people? Delegates will gain a thorough understanding of the OKR & CFR approach to […]

Managing Your Mindset

We can challenge and change our thinking so that we retain a more positive mindset and optimise function around analytic ability and ideas. Using techniques evidenced by neuroscience, the course […]

Understanding & Managing Stress

Delegates will be given ways to manage their unique stress response and harness positive stress to drive performance. Using methods evidenced by neuroscience, the course shares techniques to challenge thinking […]


Paying more attention to the present moment, to your own thoughts and feelings, can improve your mental wellbeing.

Building Psychological Safety

Based on the latest research, what matters most in the knowledge economy is creating work environments where people feel able to share their full perspective, without fear of consequence, humiliation […]