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Mind Fitness Learning Ltd delivers Mind Fitness Training Workshops in Business, The Education Sector, the Performing Arts Industry and in the Community.

We are based in South East England, but work nationally and are developing our international presence with projects in the US, Malaysia, and South Africa.

The Directors

The creators of the Mind Fitness programme are Andy Barker and Beth Wood.

Beth and Andy are also co-authors of Unlock You, published by Pearson.

As well as workshop leaders they are both experienced speakers, specialising in motivational talks with great take-aways on stopping self-sabotage, developing a positive self-image, reframing a negative mindset, understanding the difference between good and bad stress and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Beth and Andy are happy to work in both formal and informal settings. The content is inspirational with plenty of ‘Aha’ moments and slices of insight; the style warm, with gentle humour and an appreciation of the room.

To book Andy or Beth to speak at your event please email