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Positive Affirmations explained – What they are and how they can help us to be happier

Positive affirmations have become a popular way to improve wellbeing, with many people using them as part of their mindfulness routine. In this blog we’ll explain what they are and...
14 April 2019

Your questions about gratitude journaling answered

Gratitude is at the heart of mindfulness – if you read any mindfulness book or go to any mindfulness class, you can bet they will spend a fair chunk of...
19 February 2019

4 Simple Mindfulness Exercises for Parents and Children

By Jessica Schofield-Wood.   The benefits of practising mindfulness from a young age really are astounding. It has been shown to improve focus, boost confidence and self-esteem, enhance wellbeing, better...
23 January 2019

How to be a good friend to someone suffering with a mental health problem

We all want to be there for our friends, and even more so when they are going through a difficult time in their lives, but sometimes it isn’t easy when...
21 January 2019

7 ways to look after your wellbeing this Christmas

Christmas is a time to get together and celebrate with the people we love. However, Christmas can also be a very difficult time. Each year we see a surge in feelings of stress, anxiety and loneliness around this time of year. A lot of us feel under pressure during the Christmas period – to have the perfect Christmas, to buy the gifts that our children and friends want, to make our families happy.
13 December 2018

The Spectre of Mental Health in the Workplace

Of all the spirits Scrooge had so far encountered, this was the one that caused terror to pour into his heart. He began, with trepidation, to follow the direction of...
19 December 2017

Mindful Transitions

Following the very rewarding Mind Fit and Creative project in 2017, Prospero and Mind Fitness are thrilled to announce Mindful Transitions, to take place in 2018. Mindful Transitions is an...
23 October 2017

Post for Mental Health Awareness Day – October 10th 2017

Each year, October 10th is celebrated as World Mental Health Day. We are so pleased that this year, the World Federation of Mental Health has set improved mental wellness in...
9 October 2017

Mind Fit and Creative In New Schools Project

Prospero Theatre is thrilled to announce a new large-scale educational project for 2017. The project is called Mind Fit and Creative and Prospero will be working with over 30 schools...
8 December 2016