Unlock You – Book Resources

Extra content and additional useful exercises available for Unlock You readers

Team Talk!

You have what it takes. We all have what it takes – say it to yourself, often.

If you feel yourself going into Fight or Flight (stomach churning, body tensing) do a quick mindfulness exercise to get yourself to a place where you can think clearly.

Areas that lead to discussion and Q and As

We list our most frequently asked questions and how we answer them.

Cognitive Bias

We said in the book that there would be more info on Cognitive Bias on the website, and here it is. Let’s have a quick look at the most common types of Biases before we go through the Thinking Errors. Don’t be put off by the names!


Specific types of personal traits that lead to procrastination have been identified and are commonly used in training. We’ll briefly describe each type and invite you to identify where you see yourself.


Anyone who has read Unlock You or been to a Mind Fitness workshop will know the importance of the practical exercises. Here are some that we use in training that we couldn’t fit into the book. Try them out, and if you like them incorporate them into your personal Mind Fitness programme.