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What is Mind Fitness?

Mind Fitness is designed to have a positive and lasting impact on Mental Health and well-being.

Think of it as a personal trainer for your mind. In the same way as you would work on physical fitness, Mind Fitness will give you easy to use exercises to declutter and refocus your brain. And once you’re fit you need to stay fit, so we’ll show you how to become your own personal trainer.

We all have enormous amounts of potential that we don’t use, that become buried under the debris of our stressful lives. This really is about unlocking the best possible you.

What are the benefits?

You will learn how to:

  • Build resilience
  • Reduce stress
  • Identify and control emotional triggers
  • Embrace change
  • Develop effective relationships.

You’ll leave with a Workbook that contains a six-week follow-up programme and a personal roadmap to guide your continued change. This ensures that improvements are lasting.

Mind Fitness’s instructors are licenced by Mental Health First Aid England to provide Mental Health First Aid training to businesses and individuals. We offer open courses that are suited to smaller companies. We also work with larger companies that require in house MHFA training options.


Mind Fitness will give your staff the tools to reduce stress and embrace change, building a happier, more resilient and more effective team.

Unlock You

Learn life changing skills that will enhance your personal performance, wellbeing and overall happiness – A new book and workshops by Andy Barker and Beth Wood of Mind Fitness

What our clients say

“From my perspective, there are two main benefits with Mind Fitness. Firstly it’s an effective programme that uses neuroscience to improve performance. Secondly, it gives a whole range of techniques that staff can use to reduce stress and build resilience. We clearly need to look after the mental health or our workforce. Mind Fitness brings together ethics and the bottom line. An employee that is Mind Fit will be more positive and motivated, and will inevitably contribute more to the business.”

David Gold
Chairman – Gold Group International / West Ham United Football Club

“‘I can’t tell you how positive the feedback has been from our Mind Fitness workshop. In supervision sessions, all participants mentioned how useful they found the training and how pleased they were that we were considering mental health and wellbeing. I’ve had a positive reaction from 100% of people who have given feedback. Thanks so much for a really empowering, thought provoking and helpful day.”

Victoria Goody
Chief Executive – Us in a Bus

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