Team Talk!

Extra content and additional useful exercises available for Unlock You readers
You have what it takes. We all have what it takes – say it to yourself, often.

If you feel yourself going into Fight or Flight (stomach churning, body tensing) do a quick mindfulness exercise to get yourself to a place where you can think clearly.

Let go of that part of you that is cushioning yourself for disappointment. It is holding you back. Instead catch your dreams. Congratulate yourself for them. Be proud of them.

Be real and be kind – give your whole self to everything that you do.

Don’t let the ANTS steal your brain. If you feel the downward spiral of negative thoughts begin, do a mindfulness exercise.

Remember that you won’t enjoy anything unless you are paying attention to it.

Don’t judge – yourself or others. A past mistake does not require an emotional response only a course correct.

You can change the thoughts, emotions and brain structure of both yourself and other people by practicing compassion and self-compassion (and the opposite.)

Put yourself in the shoes of other people as often as possible. It’s a great exercise for your brain as well as strengthening your ability to empathise.

Exercise your imagination. You can use it to create, to invent and importantly to imagine change. Remember that your brain does not distinguish between real and imagined experience.

Check in with your Meaning as often as possible.

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Extra content and additional useful exercises available for Unlock You readers.