Pete Jarvis

Agile Trainer / Consultant

Pete has been designing and building software products for 32 years. Starting his career writing trading software at JP Morgan, he has extensive experience in the banking and insurance industries, as well as healthcare and local government. He likes to be hands-on, succeeding in roles as a developer, business analyst, business architect and program manager.

Pete has experience at large, multi-national scale and at startup scale – as well as working for 18 years at JP Morgan he was employee #6 in a London company that built and implemented asset management software, where he ran Ways of Working and helped grow the firm to over 170 employees within a few years.

At JP Morgan, Pete started to embed agile ways of working into the organisation. After a very successful implementation of lean and agile approaches in a department of 1,500 technologists, he was asked to lead the firm’s ‘Agile and DevOps Centre of Excellence’ where he was responsible for setting the direction of agility and its training across 3,000 technology teams.

In the past 5 years Pete has had senior consulting roles at Deloitte UK, helping clients across financial services and healthcare improve their ways of working.

Pete has seen the impact that modern working practices can bring to an organisation and is passionate about bringing his wealth of practical experience to his training courses and consulting engagements.