Alison Woodward

Clinical Supervisor

Alison is a Clinical Supervisor, UKCP accredited Psychotherapist and Certified Transactional Analyst. She works as a Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University, in her private practice and as Training Consultant for the Sexual Trauma and Recovery Service (STARS) in Dorset. She is also the co-director of Trauma Informed Practice Services (TIPS).

Alison’s career started in Business and Administrative support in Higher Education and she has developed a passion for supporting teams and individuals to be curious about how they work best alongside her experience in working with clients who have symptoms of complex PTSD. She now works within a three-phase therapeutic trauma framework with her clients and supervisees to ensure clinical safety and space to understand and resolve the intrusive symptoms that clients experience.

She is passionate about finding effective ways to work with complex trauma clients and to share knowledge that supports healthy relationships at work and at home, she has seen how recovery can and does happen when clients are given the time and space to work.