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Performing Arts

Proven techniques to identify and control anxieties, cope with the pressures of the industry and enjoy being the best performer you can be.

Mind Fitness run very successful Performers Workshops designed for Companies, Agencies or Drama Schools. We also run regular one-day workshops for individual performers.  These are attended by actors, singers and dancers of all ages and levels of professional experience.

 As with our corporate work we are happy in Drama Schools / Theatre Companies to tailor to any specific issues you wish to address. These sessions can be held at your premises or at a venue arranged by us.

Many performers experience performance anxiety or struggle at auditions with nerves.  Whether you have encountered debilitating anxiety or simply been aware that your audition didn’t show you in your best light, our theatre-based training is for you!


Sports coaches have long known the value of mind fitness. It’s time for the arts to catch up. As a performer, you know the importance of continuing to invest in your craft and the value of training. The Mind Fitness Programme for Performers will help you to overcome your challenges and achieve your potential.

Whether you consider yourself to be moderately resilient, or you struggle with the worries and anxieties of the industry / daily life, this is training that has been proven to work.

‘I think every person involved in performance can benefit from this course. Thank you for creating the change for happier and healthier performers.’ David Murphy – MTA

  • This is a course that would benefit a lot of actors and students.
    Lydia CawthornFourth Monkey Theatre Company
  • The course exceeded my expectations. The two person presentation style is very strong.
    Luke Hope DCH Management
  • So practical, so knowledge fuelled and so much common sense!
    Florence MahonyArtistic Director, Human Zoo Theatre Company
  • Practical and very informative. It really feels like the leaders are in it to help us students.
    Kelsie McDonaldGuildford School of Acting
  • I came away with wonderful tools and techniques for life.
    Ricky NixonCourse Participant at Network
  • I think every person involved in performance can benefit from this course. Thank you for creating the change for happier and healthier performers.
    David Murphy MTA

Try Mind Fitness if you want to:

  • Perform better
  • Audition more effectively
  • Increase your motivation
  • Retain a positive optimistic approach
  • Reduce procrastination
  • Develop enhanced feelings of wellbeing

These practical and popular workshops are designed around practical and interactive team activities that are experiential, engaging and fun.


Coaching is an important part of the Mind Fitness package.

We can coach face-to-face or on Skype.

This can be follow-up coaching after a workshop or solo skills-development work.


Mind Fitness for Performers


Sunday March 1st 2020

£65 Full / £32.50 Concession

For – Actors – Dancers – Singers – Musicians

Have you experienced performance anxiety or struggled at auditions with nerves?
Do you find the treadmill of short-term contracts and the constant self-marketing causes you stress?

Mind Fitness is a powerful and highly effective one day training workshop and six-week follow-up programme. It is designed to enable performers to live and work at their full potential. You will learn tools that will help you to:

• Perform better
• Audition more effectively
• Increase motivation
• Retain a positive optimistic approach
• Reduce procrastination
• Develop enhanced feelings of wellbeing
• Enjoy being an actor

You will be given a Workbook that becomes your personal roadmap to guide you through continued change. At the end of this is a 6 week programme with exercises that take only 10-15 minutes a day. By the end of the 6 weeks the changes will be embedded into new ways of thinking and daily routines. Past participants report a permanent and robust sense of wellbeing and the continued ability to cope with the more challenging aspects of the industry.

How we work – Mind Fitness helps people to get out of their own way by uniquely combining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness to create an accessible and thoroughly enjoyable hands-on learning experience. This is perfect for performers. We tap into and capitalise on skills that you already have.

The Monkey House, 97-101 Seven Sisters Road, London, N7 7QP
Home of The Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company

Sunday March 1st 2020 – 10.00am to 5.00pm

Cost of attendance is just £65 Full Price or £32.50 Concession (including unwaged)
Past participants have said that it is the best £65 they have ever spent!
Book early as this event is extremely popular – we usually have a Waiting List

‘A very enriching day. Everyone should do this course’ Susanna Klemm – CEO Heavy Pencil Management


Will Mind Fitness help me with auditions?

Yes absolutely. We have had a lot of performers who have attended tell us how much it has helped. The course will help you to control emotions, and to make sure that you do not cross the line between the good stress that you need to do your best and the bad stress that robs you of the chance to fulfil your potential.

I love acting but I find the career ‘path’ of being an actor almost impossible to cope with. Will Mind Fitness help?

One of our key aims is to help people to the point where they enjoy being a performer and help them to cope with all aspects, not just the glorious moments when they are on stage. The course gives the tools to build resilience, to control stress, recognise opportunities and stay positive.

Do you only do the 1-day workshop or could we book you for a longer project?

When we go into Drama Schools or work with companies it can be for a longer project. This is usually an intensive Wellbeing Week or weekly sessions with various groups over the course of a term.

I am worried that with a lot of performers there it will get competitive. Does this happen?

Every performer who has taken part has commentated on the supportive environment created through the day. Many have said that this is one of the strongest aspects of the course.

Is Mind Fitness something I have to keep doing to feel the benefit?

The longer you do it for the more benefit you feel. There is a six-week follow-up programme in the workbook, by which time it will be embedded in your daily routines. And the Mind Fitness programme is designed to fit into the busiest of lives. Ten minutes a day is all you need and we guarantee that you will save that (and much more) with your more focused thinking.

Does the Mind Fitness programme work for people with special needs?

Yes absolutely. The MF team is trained to work with people of all abilities and disabilities and all exercises can be adapted. Please let us know if you feel you would benefit from additional support.

I have been wanting to come but cannot find anyone to come with me. Would I be OK if I came on my own?

Over half the people who come to the course come on their own. There is always a supportive atmosphere with the dynamic of an attentive ensemble.

Can I come to one of the performers sessions if I am not a performer?

We have had people who have been agents and directors. It doesn’t really matter what profession you are, as long a you know that all examples used with exercises will be performer related.

Do I need to wear comfortable clothes?

Certainly, we want you to feel comfortable, but it does not need to be clothes you would wear for physical exercise.