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Age appropriate interactive and engaging sessions and projects, giving young people the tools to control their stress and anxiety.

For our work in schools Mind Fitness works in partnership with Prospero Theatre, one of the leading educational and inclusive companies.

We teach your students how to manage stress and realise their potential.

Why is the Mind Fit programme needed?

The education sector is aware that mental health issues are reaching critical levels. Almost every child from Year 6 upwards admits to being highly anxious at least some of the time and the number of teenagers suffering from depression is escalating.

The reduction of stress is critical to learning. It is vital that we give these young people the means to control their anxiety and fulfil their potential.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced levels of stress and anxiety
  • Increased sense of control and wellbeing
  • A higher level of engagement with education and the wider world
  • Increased understanding of the role of the imagination in wellbeing
  • Increased abilities to maintain strong and effective relationships
  • Increased motivation and aspiration


How does it work?

​Mind Fitness through Drama and Active Learning:

The Mind Fit and Creative programme has been designed to reduce stress levels, increase ability to self-regulate behaviour, and engender a positive and optimistic mindset. It blends Mindfulness and CBT, but also uses Drama and Active Learning, REBT and aspects of Drama Therapy. It focuses on the links between creativity, aspiration and resilience. In terms of the science the evidenced links between the imagination and the higher thinking brain are compelling.

Our content is endorsed by cutting edge neuroscience; our delivery, being a theatre company, is unique. Every session is designed to be informative, practical, interactive and fun. We aim to inspire!

All schools receive a full 25 page Workbook.

Each student receives a worksheet.

Mind Fitness through the academic ages!

Years 1-3

Be Calm, Be Confident, Be Happy

Short sessions of 45 mins, building Mind Fitness exercises into drama games and storytelling.


Years 4-5

King Arthur

One hour session

Learning through a story in which they take part. As they learn the Mind Fitness exercises they help the hero to learn what he needs to triumph over adversity.

Years 6-7

Eliana and the Hermit

Two hour session

A slightly more complex story in which the students play many characters. As students learn the Mind Fitness exercises they help the heroine to learn what she needs to triumph over adversity.

Eliana in the woods

Years 8-9

The O-Limbic Games

Two hour session

Students learn how to control emotions and anxiety, through a series of challenges and tasks! Participants also learn how to challenge beliefs and to expand the Stretch Zone in which they learn best.

Arthur Statues

Year 10-13

Be your Best Self

Two hour session

Slices of learning that are then applied through interactive exercises, using real life experiences and the challenges young adults are likely to encounter. Topics include Resilience, Beliefs and Attitudes, Pressure and Stress, Neuroplasticity, Challenging Beliefs, Negative Emotions and Mind/ Body links

Requirements for all sessions

Maximum number of Pupils per session – 30

Space required – hall or drama studio

Longer Projects

Prospero and Mind Fitness also offer a 6 week programme. This is one day a week for six weeks:

The Day comprises of:

4 x 1 hour sessions, working with 4 selected classes or groups
Max 30 students per group

​Each One Hour Session comprises of:

​20 mins
Building Core Mindfulness practice
Repetition of the same exercises, each week deepening the learning experience
Learning which exercises work best for which situations

20 mins
New learning
With a focus on one area per week:
1 The Basic Neuroscience
2 Stress – Buzz and Burden
3 Neuoplasticity and Adaptive Behaviour
4 Changing unhelpful for more helpful beliefs
5 Emotions and Emotional Intelligence
6 Mind and Body

20 mins
Applying the new learning through a variety of exercises


Drama Schools

Mind Fitness also work with many of the country’s top Drama Schools.

Go to our Performers Section for details.

Ongoing Projects

We are working with one school on a radical whole change-school programme implementing across every aspect of the organisation. If you are interested in this please get in touch.

We are working with 3 special schools on a Transitions Project, in which pupils from the Secondary Specials help to lead workshops in Primary Schools. If you are interested in this please get in touch.


As well as working with students we run very effective INSET training sessions. These enable your staff to help implement changes for the students, and of course benefit themselves from the stress-reducing techniques.

By combining scientifically validated models we unlock a process of self-discovery and development. The course covers Resilience, Challenging unhelpful Beliefs, Positive and Negative Stress, The neuroscience behind Change, Reflection through Mindfulness Practice, Approaching unhealthy Negative Emotions, Understanding Thinking Errors, Emotional Intelligence, Mind and Body and the Role of Creative Thought.

We also give ideas of how best to teach the Mind Fitness Exercises and look at the process of teaching mindfully.



Coaching is an important part of the Mind Fitness package. We can coach face-to-face or on Skype. This can be follow-up coaching after a workshop or solo skills-development work.

  • The team have the ability to draw out the best in all those that they work with. A diverse range of people have benefited.
    Angela BradshawSenior Consultant, Babcock 4S
  • We have had nothing but positive feedback from the pupils. They were able to take simple strategies away from the workshop that they could use when needed. The use of Drama really helped them to feel safe; they definitely found it less daunting than talking about their own emotions straight away.
    Katherine ThompsonRipley Court
  • Beth and her team have never failed to impress me and the schools she has worked with. It is a joy to see her working her magic in all situations with all ages and abilities.
    Angela BradshawSenior Consultant, Surrey Education (Babcock 4S)
  • An excellent session, where the students were able to express themselves and experiment with their own ideas. Each student reported back, afterwards, about the benefits.
    Sally TremaineLimpsfield Grange
  • As our bank of Sunnydown techniques grows, I remain confident that the impact will be measurable in further reduced behaviour concerns and an increase in reflection on own behaviours. We have been supported for three terms by Prospero, as we explore ways to integrate the approaches in all that we do, for staff and students.
    P JensenHead, Sunnydown School
  • What an effective session. We have re-booked straight away.
    J RedfernLingfield Notre Dame


Are we able to focus in on one issue that is currently causing problems for the school?

Talk to us in advance of the visit. We are happy to focus on an issue, and reference it in some of the exercises. Common issues are bullying, exam stress and transitions to the next school.

As a staff member I am interested; how can I justify the cost to the school?

It is clear that Mind Fitness (and other anxiety reducing techniques) are contributing to improved exam results, although this, is not, of course, our primary aim. Perhaps more important is the simple fact that the best teaching in the world will be going to waste if students are not in a state of mind in which they are able to listen and able to learn.

We would like to give the whole school a Mind Fitness experience but you work with class sized groups. How is it best to do this?

We often go into a school for a Well being Week (either 1 or 2 teams depending on the size of the school) and work with all classes over the week. In this case the workshops with Years 1 – 4 are shorter sessions.

Is Mind Fitness something we will have to keep doing to feel the benefit?

The longer you do it for the more benefit you feel. The exercises are simple and quick and can be used as a two minute introduction to a class, in tutorials or in PSHE.

Does the Mind Fitness programme work for people with special needs?

Yes absolutely. The Mind Fitness team is trained to work with people of all abilities and disabilities and all exercises can be adapted. Please let us know if there is anyone you feel would benefit from additional support. Let us know if there are exercises to be repositioned to work most effectively with, for example, an autistic group.

Will Mind Fitness help our students with exams?

Yes, it will. Many schools we have worked with have used the techniques to give their students the best possible chance in the exams. And it’s important to remember that debilitating exam nerves can have a much more serious long-term effect. It is key to give students that are suffering the tools to enable them to do their best possible thinking.

Do you do INSET work?

Our inset workshops (either full day or twilight) are very popular. Many schools book an INSET immediately prior to us beginning work with the students.

Would you come in and work with our Parent Governors or with individual staff?

We are very happy to come in and work with a small group. Alternatively we offer Coaching options if you want a one-to-one approach.