What our clients say

From my perspective, there are two main benefits with Mind Fitness. Firstly it’s an effective programme that uses neuroscience to improve performance. Secondly, it gives a whole range of techniques that staff can use to reduce stress and build resilience. We clearly need to look after the mental health of our workforce. Mind Fitness brings together ethics and the bottom line. An employee that is Mind Fit will be more positive and motivated, and will inevitably contribute more to the business.
David Gold
Chairman of Gold Group International and West Ham United Football Club
Beth and her team have never failed to impress me and the schools she has worked with. It is a joy to see her working her magic in all situations with all ages and abilities.
Angela Bradshaw
Senior Consultant, Surrey Education (Babcock 4S)
Practical and very informative. It really feels like the leaders are in it to help us students.
Kelsie McDonald
Guildford School of Acting
An excellent session, where the students were able to express themselves and experiment with their own ideas. Each student reported back, afterwards, about the benefits.
Sally Tremaine
Limpsfield Grange
I think every person involved in performance can benefit from this course. Thank you for creating the change for happier and healthier performers.
David Murphy
I can’t tell you how positive the feedback has been from our Mind Fitness workshop. In supervision sessions, all participants mentioned how useful they found the training and how pleased they were that we were considering mental health and wellbeing. I’ve had a positive reaction from 100% of people who have given feedback. Thanks so much for a really empowering, thought provoking and helpful day.
Victoria Goody
Chief Executive - Us in a Bus
What an effective session. We have re-booked straight away.
J Redfern
Lingfield Notre Dame
The course exceeded my expectations. The two person presentation style is very strong.
Luke Hope
DCH Management
We have had nothing but positive feedback from the pupils. They were able to take simple strategies away from the workshop that they could use when needed. The use of Drama really helped them to feel safe; they definitely found it less daunting than talking about their own emotions straight away.
Katherine Thompson
Ripley Court
I’ve just got back from a truly life-changing day working on Mind Fitness for Performers lead by Andy Barker and Beth Wood. If you have the chance to join them in their next workshop I would urge you to do so – simply brilliant !!! Thank you Andy and Beth – my mind is now buzzing!
Kate Flowers
Artistic Director, Co-Opera Company
This course has been a fantastic experience. I will take a lot on board in my day to day life at work and at home.
Abdel Dabo
Electronic Arts
As our bank of Sunnydown techniques grows, I remain confident that the impact will be measurable in further reduced behaviour concerns and an increase in reflection on own behaviours. We have been supported for three terms by Prospero, as we explore ways to integrate the approaches in all that we do, for staff and students.
P Jensen
Head, Sunnydown School
So practical, so knowledge fuelled and so much common sense!
Florence Mahony
Artistic Director, Human Zoo Theatre Company
I came away with wonderful tools and techniques for life.
Ricky Nixon
Course Participant at Network
A very enriching day. Everyone should consider this course. It really is very thought provoking.
Susanna Klemm
CEO Heavy Pencil Management
The team have the ability to draw out the best in all those that they work with. A diverse range of people have benefited.
Angela Bradshaw
Senior Consultant, Babcock 4S
This is a course that would benefit a lot of actors and students.
Lydia Cawthorn
Fourth Monkey Theatre Company
It’s a great concept to bring these techniques together. The course was well balanced and hugely engaging.
Emma Starr
Director of Scarab