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Fully inclusive projects and sessions for groups and individuals who want to look after their mental health. Subsidised places available.

The Mind Fitness work in the Community is aimed at the Charity Sector, small groups and individuals.

We are keen to spread the Mind Fitness message as widely as possible.

The business model is such that we use income from our corporate work to subsidise work with charities and to enable us to do pro bono work in the community.

Mind Fitness Workshops can be booked by:

  • Charities
  • Groups working within the Voluntary Sector
  • Local Authorities for representatives from the small businesses and voluntary groups in their area
  • Community Groups for their members

We also hold sessions and events that can be attended by individuals.

If there is no event near you (or you cannot wait for the next one) there is also the Mind Fitness Coaching Arm.

All sessions are fully inclusive; we are keen that many who have little opportunity to participate in community life will come along.

As with all Mind Fitness work the Mind Fitness in the Community sessions will help you to:

  • Be more resilient and able to cope
  • Be more aspirational, recognising and following your goals
  • Be calmer with a stronger sense of wellbeing
  • Be better able to control your stress and recognise your stress triggers
  • Communicate more easily and work better as one of a team or group
  • I came away with wonderful tools and techniques for life.
    Ricky NixonCourse Participant at Network
  • I can’t tell you how positive the feedback has been from our Mind Fitness workshop. In supervision sessions, all participants mentioned how useful they found the training and how pleased they were that we were considering mental health and wellbeing. I’ve had a positive reaction from 100% of people who have given feedback. Thanks so much for a really empowering, thought provoking and helpful day.
    Victoria GoodyChief Executive - Us in a Bus
  • As our bank of Sunnydown techniques grows, I remain confident that the impact will be measurable in further reduced behaviour concerns and an increase in reflection on own behaviours. We have been supported for three terms by Prospero, as we explore ways to integrate the approaches in all that we do, for staff and students.
    P JensenHead, Sunnydown School
  • An excellent session, where the students were able to express themselves and experiment with their own ideas. Each student reported back, afterwards, about the benefits.
    Sally TremaineLimpsfield Grange
  • The course exceeded my expectations. The two person presentation style is very strong.
    Luke Hope DCH Management
  • We have had nothing but positive feedback from the pupils. They were able to take simple strategies away from the workshop that they could use when needed. The use of Drama really helped them to feel safe; they definitely found it less daunting than talking about their own emotions straight away.
    Katherine ThompsonRipley Court


Is Mind Fitness something I have to keep doing to feel the benefit?

The longer you do it for the more benefit you feel. There is a six-week follow-up programme in the workbook, by which time it will be embedded in your daily routines. But the MF programme is designed to fit into the busiest of lives. Ten minutes a day is all you need and we guarantee that you will save that (and much more) with your more focused thinking.

Does the Mind Fitness programme work for people with special needs?

Yes absolutely. The MF team is trained to work with people of all abilities and disabilities and all exercises can be adapted. Please let us know if you feel would benefit from additional support.

I already do Mindfulness /CBT - will it get confusing?

No not at all. Nothing that we say will contradict current thinking on mindfulness or CBT. Many of our regulars have had previous experience in one of the two disciplines.

How do I know if there is a session going on in my area?

Please do feel free to email us if you cannot see one on the events page; there may be one in the planning!

If there is nothing for a while in my area can I still get involved?

Yes, there are exercises that can be downloaded and videos that you can follow. These can be found in the Gallery on the Website.

Are there any age limits on your community sessions?

You have to be 16 or over to attend one of our adult sessions. There is no upper age limit.

How many people do you work with in a session?

We work with groups of 20 – 30 depending on the space.

Do I need to wear comfortable clothes?

Certainly, we want you to feel comfortable, but it does not need to be clothes you would wear for physical exercise.